Perfect legs: aesthetic treatments that can be done in summer

Perfect legs: aesthetic treatments that can be done in summer

The season of shorts, short skirts and swimsuits is still full and at the same time there are many possibilities that can be applied at this time of year to neutralize the points of the legs that do not convince us so much.

Contrary to what happened until recently, the incorporation of new technologies allows for notorious changes since the first sessions and fewer applications. In addition, there is no need to stop treatment during the sunny season.

Also keep in mind that the famous riding pants, adiposity on the inner side of the legs, cellulite and sagging is often associated with hormonal changes, age or sedentary lifestyle.

Often, "diet and exercise alone do not mitigate these characteristics. However, science is advancing more and more and offers more and more treatments," explains plastic surgeon Sergio Korz├Čn.

The key is to know each of the alternatives proposed by aesthetics and also to think of realistic results that go hand in hand with the bodys self-acceptance and a positive look at our body.

Treat the riding pants and the inner side of the legs

Cryolipolysis may be an alternative. It is a procedure approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the European Community, which applies controlled cooling. It destroys fat cells without causing damage to the skin or tissues. The results are similar to those of a liposuction, but without going through an operating room and without postoperative.

Modeling, reaffirming and fighting cellulite

"The combination of infrared light, radiofrequency and mechanical manipulation of tissues through the absorption of impulses obtains excellent results. The sequence is as follows: the skin applicator sucked to bring this to infrared light, which infuses heat and once the tissue reaches the correct temperature, comes in radiofrequency attacking the fat deposits, "details Dr. Griselda Seleme.

When the three sessions are completed, they can be reduced by 3 to 5 centimeters. The keys: "do not interrupt the applications and accompany with healthy habits and exercises," adds Seleme.