Learn how to make makeup removers at home using cotton

Learn how to make makeup removers at home using cotton

We do not always have the money to buy those cotton removers that are used to remove the makeup. In addition to being sometimes a bit expensive, depending on how much the person wears makeup per week, they will spend a lot. But, there is a way to prepare these cotton discs and still treat the skin by making them at home.

Follow this easy step by step to create them in a few minutes and always have them ready. They will leave your skin clean and fresh before going to sleep, or whenever you want.

To make your own cotton cleaning pads, you need these ingredients and materials:

2 tablespoons coconut oil (better if it is organic and cold pressed)

2 cups purified water, mineral or spring.

2 teaspoons liquid soap for babies

Optional: Essential oil that adds extra properties to the care of your skin. For example: tea tree oil to control and combat acne, incense oil to eliminate wrinkles, etc. Take advantage of the homemade oils that are used for massage, or consult your dermatologist about what might be good for your particular case.

As for materials, you will need:

A glass bottle with a screw cap.

Cotton disks. You need approximately 2 packages of purchased ones, or about 100 home discs.

A glass bowl suitable for microwave or heat.

A wooden spoon or a plastic spatula suitable for heat.

Prepare all your materials and ingredients on the workbench and follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Measure the coconut oil and place it in the bowl for the heat.

2. Take the microwave or water bath, to melt and become liquid.

3. Remove from the heat and slowly add the water, stirring to integrate and prevent the oil from solidifying. If necessary, give a little more heat.

4. Mix with the chosen essential oil.

5. Put some of the mixture into the bottom of the clean bottle, or preferably sterilized.

6. With clean hands, using gloves, if you prefer, take a disc, buzz the mixture and place it in the bottle. Repeat the procedure disc on the disc or in small groups (if you use the cloth) to ensure that each unit is well moistened with the product. It fits into the bottle until its capacity is complete.

7. When you do not fit the discs, add the rest of the product to the bottle, so they will reabsorb when you squeeze what they already have.

How are they used?

Keep the bottle at a stable temperature, preferably cool, and in any case under direct sunlight or away from heat sources. Thus, the products last longer.