How to keep lipstick in perfect condition? See the tips to use them for longer!

How to keep lipstick in perfect condition? See the tips to use them for longer!

If you get irritated by the fact that your lipstick does not last what it promises to last, then that stuff is perfect for teaching a few tricks to change that problem once and for all.

Do you want to show sexy lips at all times? Then practice these tips below and you will have a good result.

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1) For an extra length of your lipstick, choose matte and semi-frosted colors. If possible, get those indicated as long-term or long-term. Remember that the gloss, as well as the creamy textures, are removed more easily, so that they last less on the lips and so end up much faster.

2) For a lipstick that lasts all night, wipe the lips with a gentle exfoliating, dry them well and apply a little makeup base. Let correct, and then apply the lipstick in two separate layers for a few minutes. You can finish applying gloss if you wish. Your lip will be cleaner and more integrated, and will last longer.

If you do not have makeup foundation, enjoy the creativity: after exfoliating and drying the lips, apply some compact powder or eyelid powder. Then apply the lipstick.

To get a glossy finish on a matte lipstick, apply a layer and then end up spraying or applying shine on the eyelids or shining shade on the lipstick. This, in addition to making a shiny mouth, will help the lipstick not to run or disappear, for longer.

After applying the first layer of lipstick, let it sit for a few minutes and press tissue or toilet paper. This will set the base color. Just before leaving home, apply a second coat of lipstick. So the color of his lips does not fade.