How to care for nail polishes to make the most of them without hardening? See the tips

How to care for nail polishes to make the most of them without hardening? See the tips

How many times have you had to throw away a glaze that you only used a few times because it dried up? Thanks to a series of homemade tricks, it is possible to extend the life of these products to always have beautiful nails and full of colors.

Enamels are a great addition in the beauty kit of almost all women. They make the hands look even more elegant, and follow fashion with its hundreds of colors, nuances and possible combinations.

Having a lot of glazes of different shades is almost a hobby or obsession for many. But how can we make them always in good condition to use them? Being a chemical, over time, its components can separate and ruin the enamel, or simply dry out and we have to throw them away. To keep them in the best way, there are some homemade tricks that will help the product to always be in good condition to use it.

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The first advice for the preservation of enamels, refers to the temperature. Try to keep all your glazes in a cool place. Even many are encouraged and kept inside the refrigerator. The heat causes them to deteriorate and the product separates and forms pieces. Thus, cold prevents these unpleasant events. Put all of your bottles in a box and keep them in a cool place, away from heat appliances. And, a while before using them, you can put them in direct cold to cool them.

Do not let them rest for long. Although it is a color we do not use very often, every so often, for example once or twice a week, rub your hands shaking the liquid and then. This will keep the components together and in good condition.

With these tips, you could have glazes saved for longer.