How do I make the eyeliner line look perfect? Follow the tips!

How do I make the eyeliner line look perfect? Follow the tips!

If youre tired of using the learned techniques that, despite the time you spend, you waste countless minutes of your life trying to achieve symmetry in your eyes ... youre in luck: your problem will end now.

Although there are many other options that ensure that the eyeliner line is perfect, not always the person can do it, and so it gets frustrated even more.

In this step by step, we will teach an easier technique and that will guarantee total success. But first, you need to learn that sometimes youre doing some wrong things.

For example, many people try to stretch the eye to make the perfect line, which of course will go wrong. If you do, the drawing will lose its shape when the eyelid returns to its original position.

Here are 4 easy steps to the perfect eyeliner

1. Apply the primer to the eyes

Take advantage of its benefits and apply it also on your eyelids before makeup.

2. Start from the outside and draw the contour

You will achieve greater symmetry if you start to apply the eyeliner from the outside in (toward the tear). As a first step, draw only the silhouette of the shape you want to reach with the tip of the brush or marker.

3. Fill out

Keep the moving eyelid slightly closed, and without stretching it, fill the silhouette you drew with your eyelashes.

4. Correct with the broker

If it has gone wrong, it has gone off, it has become stained or out of focus ... most of the time it is not necessary to remove the make-up and start again: just fix it with a little concealer and a fine brush.