4 Common Mistakes That Prevent You From Losing Weight

4 Common Mistakes That Prevent You From Losing Weight

Reaching the proposed goal in the face of balance often does not imply redoubling efforts and sacrifices. The key may be to change habits and banish some false beliefs.

See below what they are:

1. Look for magic solutions

The pills offered as natural or homeopathic and so often offered may actually be appetite suppressants (anorectics) which, along with weight loss, will generate irritability, memory problems and arrhythmias. In addition, when for these same problems, the person decides to discontinue the treatment, the rebound effect is very noticeable. It can also happen that they cause a deterioration of the functioning of the kidneys, intestines and in the thyroid gland.

2. Overestimating energy expenditure due to physical activity

Some people think that in a one-hour class, for example crossfit, functional gymnastics or other similar physical activity, they burn about 800 calories. This calculation leads to the conclusion that, then, you can "eat it all" because it is compensated by the gym. The reality is that with a recreational routine, three or four hours a week, the energy expenditure is very low and can not be determined accurately, because it depends on many factors. In any case, do not lose your motivation! The gym brings unparalleled benefits to health and aesthetics.

3. Do not record beverage calories.

With the exception of water, natural tea and zero soda, the rest of the drinks contain a high calorific value. Options that are targeted: fruit juice squeezed from bars or restaurants or industrialized, regular sodas, coffees known chains, some juices that are called "Detox" and of course, alcohol and drinks they are accompanied by this alcohol (like juice and soft drinks).

4. Search for quick results

It is unthinkable to try to banish in ten days bad habits installed for years. The path to a healthier lifestyle can be long and requires many small steps. During this journey, the idea is not to get frustrated and enjoy the journey.